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Cannon Fitness and Performance is a full-time strength and conditioning facility located near the Galleria area and dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.  Whether you would like to lose 20 pounds or train for a triathlon, we will tailor our programming to support you and your goals. This is a supportive community for everyone, regardless of where you are today in your fitness journey.


Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith

Jeff grew up in Illinois playing just about every sport possible, although football was his true passion. Following his collegiate football career, he enlisted in the U.S. Army where he served as part of the 75th Ranger Regiment until 2004.

Jeff was introduced to CrossFit by some of his buddies who were still in the military.  It was an immediate fit for Jeff’s competitive drive, and the community aspect allowed him to make numerous new friends following his move to Houston. Jeff enjoys the variety and the high intensity workouts of CrossFit. He attended his first CrossFit certification in 2008 in Cookesville, TN and began coaching in 2009.

“I am passionate about helping other people achieve their goals and lead healthier lives”.  – Jeff Smith

Jeff Allen
Jeff Allen

Having a long back ground in distance running, Jeff started CrossFit in 2007 and has been coaching since 2009. Aside from CrossFit, Jeff has coached high school Cross Country and Track teams, triathletes, Ironman athletes, and bodybuilders. Jeff loves meeting new people and supporting them on their personal journey of fitness and health.


Born and raised in Florida
Graduating with a degree in Business supervision and management
Certifications for CrossFit Level 1, personal training, and sports nutrition specialist

Plans to take education, leadership, and passion of fitness to continue to lead, coach, and influence fitness as a career.
I came to Cannon when I relocated for a simple workout, the members and coaches made me want to stay and be a part of the great environment.


Jonathan has a background in bodybuilding and muscle sculpting. He has a hunger to learn more and progress in many areas of fitness and health. He is pursuing a career in fitness and coaching. The community and uniqueness of the Cannon approach to fitness and health is what made it easy to choose Cannon as his home gym. You won’t be able to frown when you see his infectious smile 🙂

Mike Green
Mike Green

Mike has been doing CrossFit and weight lifting since 2009. He was hooked after that. Being a police officer and a Drill Sergeant in the US Army it became a great fit. Fitness has been a big part of Mike’s personal and professional life. He can see the direct reflection of good functional fitness in everyday life activities. He loves showing anyone how they can benefit from an active lifestyle.

He loves the community and what we do for each other! He is excited to show people how they can live, eat, and get stronger with Cannon Fitness. Certifications: CF L2, CF running, CF spot the flaw, CF scaling, CF judges course, CF anatomy.

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