How well we age correlates to your choice of lifestyle, not how many candles are on your cake. At Cannon Fitness and Performance your age doesn’t have to hold you back. Mac Walker is a great example of being fit and healthy at any age. He is a lifelong athlete, overall badass, and a Cannon Super Friend. Take a look at that photo one more time, WOW!

Lately Mac has accomplished a milestone in his fitness – he made it through the Crossfit Open into the Crossfit Regionals, one step away from making a trip to Carson, California for the Crossfit Games (the Olympics of fitness). He is in the Masters Division in the 45-50 age group. Although he didn’t make it to Carson he did exceptionally well in both the Open and Regionals without training specifically for that goal which is a testament to his lifestyle of fitness and eating well. When you see Mac give him a high-five and listen to his wisdom of being healthy.
How old are you?


How long have you been practicing CrossFit?

I think since 2008 – so 7 years.

What other athletic background do you have?

I played football from age 5 through walking on in college. Since my college team was actually good, I didn’t start and gave it up after a year.

Were you surprised that you made it to regionals or were you training specifically for that goal?

I was surprised. All I did for all of 2014 was Oly lifting and mobility work, so I went into the Open without the muscular or aerobic endurance that I used to have. It turns out that I was somewhat lucky though, because the workouts favored us shorter folk – and those who knew how to do MU’s, HSPU’s, and kipping/butterfly C2B. In the 45YO bracket, just being able to do a few of those put you in the top 20%.

What was your favorite workout from the Open and Regionals and which workout was the hardest in each?

Favorite – funny, but I feared 15.3 because of the volume of WB’s, but it turned out to be my favorite. The reason is that, to my surprise, my mobility has improved to the point where I can now do WB’s without the strain on my neck and hips. 50 WB’s isn’t that bad when you can move properly. haha.

Hardest – 15.2, for sure. I was excited for it going in, but it caught me by surprise. I think I scored the best on that one, but I was in a lot of pain for a full week after it due to the C2B. Now that I think about it, the hardest Regionals workout also had C2B in it (along with thrusters and rowing, which wasn’t fun). Guess I need to work on my butterfly C2Bs.