At Cannon we push ourselves to do more than we ever thought possible. This triathlon is a great opportunity to put yourself outside your comfort zone. The distances (even RX) will be short and fun for all types of athletes. Fitness is about being comfortable in the uncomfortable and learning new skills is a part of that. Running, swimming, and biking are essential human skills. If you have a single speed bike or even a cruiser this is still for you. The practice dates are to give us a chance to learn the skills, get comfortable with the distance we choose, and have fun most of all. Cannon coachs Jeff Allen and John Gumpf have experience at many distances of triathlons. You will have to pay $9 entry to Lake 288.

  • 1st Practice Meet 10:00 am May 31st. Cannon coaches will discuss more details about the Triathlon, teach effective transitions, and all thing Triathlons. A time to select your distance (RX/Scaled) and become comfortable. All practice meets will start at 10am and centered on fun.
  • 2nd Practice Meet 10:00am June 28th
  • 3rd Practice Meet 10:00 am July 26th
  • COMPETITION August 23rd. This will crown the Cannon Triathlete for the year!

August 23, 2015 10:00am

Lake 288, 4800 Schurmier Rd, 77048