Cannon strives to create a positive environment of self-improvement. We encourage all of our clients to be constantly setting goals regardless of whether those are fitness, professional, or related to one’s personal life. Self-improvement and happiness are the key to success. Within Cannon our primary focus is fitness and nutrition, but our message is intended to be larger and more impactful.

To achieve this end we have implemented our Bright Spots Board which borrows from the work of Dan Heath of Fast Company. Our board in the gym was created to be a collection of positive events that occur each week within our community so that we can share in the successes of those around us. It’s important when trying to create change ourselves, that we focus on the positives that move us forward and not get bogged down by the negative. If we focus on the positive things that are occurring within our environment, we will begin to create more positives for ourselves and those around us.

Bright Spots can take any form. They are simply intended to be personal victories. Whether it’s a five pound increase in your back squat, a European vacation, or a job promotion we want to hear about it! Allow your Cannon community to share in your victory and your success!