1) Where are you from?

Houston, TX.

2) What was your first job?

My first real employment was at age 15 where I worked for a company called Topaz. I cleaned, greased and painted pipe tapping machines. It was my first paycheck and felt great.

3) What is your favorite sport?

Playing golf, fishing the Texas coast and duck hunting.

4) What is your favorite vacation?

With Barbara on a beach, our toes in the sand and unplugged.

5) How and when did you discover CrossFit?

Prior to Cannon, working out became a mental and physical grind. I needed a big change to make exercise meaningful and fun again. After visiting several CrossFit boxes I joined Cannon in August 2013.

6) What changes have you seen in yourself physically and mentally since joining this gym?

Physically, I have much better mobility, strength and stamina.

The mental benefit is more significant because the workouts are always challenging and varied. Completing the daily WOD gives me a sense of achievement and confidence that carries throughout my day and week. Crossfit is medicine that makes me feel great.

7) What goal have you achieved in the gym that you are most proud of?

Being able to sit in a squat….it took one year to get there!

8) What future goals are you more excited about pursuing?

Continue to improve mobility
A full front squat
30 pull-ups