Farrah Oxley

Hey everyone! I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a Private Cook based out of the Cypress/Katy area. I am originally from New Orleans, LA, so trust me when I say I LOVE to eat….buttttt portion control, y’all. I graduated with a degree in Nutrition/Dietetics from the University of Texas at Austin (I know our football team sucks, but ATX rocks so #hookem). I appreciate the fact that you have made the choice to live a healthier lifestyle, but as we have all heard, sustainable progress (and abs) are made in the kitchen. The path towards a healthy lifestyle is a team effort between you, your trainer, and myself and I will do all I can within my scope of practice to help you meet those goals. I will make many suggestions, you pick which ones you want to try, and I will coach you along the way! I want the relationship between each one of you and myself to be very personable, open, and communicative, but still really fun.

Nutrition is not a one size fits all approach, so I am here to work with you on an individual basis to figure out what works best for you. Whether your goals involve weight loss, weight gain, getting shredded, disease management, how to bake a chicken, how to stop yourself from eating that whole box of cookies, or what to do at happy hour when the margaritas and beers are calling your name, I am available as your personal health guru.