Next to Thanksgiving, Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday! Between all the cute costumes,
spooky decorations, and (sometimes) chilly weather what more could you ask for?
Since it isn't “socially acceptable” to go trick or treating once you become an adult, without kids,
I spend my Halloween night a little differently eating a bowl of my favorite fun sized candies and
watching a scary movie (with all the lights off).
Yes, I eat candy! As a Nutritionist that believes in moderation I don’t see candy as the scary part
of halloween. I am at a place in my own nutrition journey where I can eat a couple pieces and
be content but I understand we are not all there yet.
If you want to stay away from the sugar this Halloween here are some tips and tricks to help.
#1 Be the house that offers something DIFFERENT
There will be plenty of houses (probably every house) handing out candy. Instead of candy
hand out a better option like fruit leathers, small pieces of fruit (that have a peelable outer layer
like clementines), granola bars, little bags of pirates booty or goldfish, little toys, decorative
pencils, etc. This way you take away the temptation to eat the candy you buy because you wont
be buying any!
#2 Have a filling balanced dinner before the trick or treating festivities begin
It is way more tempting to grab a piece of candy when you are hungry! Don’t do that to yourself!
Instead, have a filling dinner with plenty of protein, healthy fat, and veggies. It is important to
have all three to keep you full and satisfied for the hours of trick or treating to follow.
#3 Get out of the house
If you feel like the bowl of candy is staring you down be the parent that takes the kids out. This
allows you to not only spend time with the kids but also get some extra steps in.
If you do not have kids don’t feel pressured to even participate in handing out candy; turn off the
porch lights and go about your regular evening schedule.
#4 Give your kids some rules with their candy
I know this can be hard but it is also not great for kids to be consuming crazy amounts of candy.
An easy way to do this:
● Dump out all the candy into a communal pile
● Let them pick out 3 of their favorites types of candy and how much they want (if they say
they want it all well too bad!)
● Keep the candy in a place you don’t use for everyday food items (ex. Instead of the main
pantry store the candy in an extra bottom cabinet)
● Allow them to have what they want that night and throughout the week (only after they
eat all their veggies) BUT after the week is over whatever is left gets tossed out

#5 Give yourself permission to enjoy the candy if you really want it
The above tips and tricks may not work for you because you really just want some candy. It is
OKAY to have candy just be mindful. Check in with yourself before, during, and after your first
Before you start eating ask if this is really what you want, if your answer is yes then open that
sucker and enjoy!
While you chew check in again, are you enjoying it as much as you thought you would? Does it
taste like you expected? If yes then awesome and if no then you know for next time you don’t
actually like that candy anymore.
Lastly, check in post swallow of that first piece, ask yourself if your craving has been satisfied. If
yes then refraining from another piece should be easier and if no then enjoy another piece!
Continue this process until you are done eating.
If you struggle with stopping even after you are satisfied it can be helpful to remind yourself that
the next piece won't taste any different than the first, second, or even third. You still might eat
more than you intend to; DO NOT PANIC and DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. Tomorrow is a new day,
go about your food and exercise as you normally would. One night will not ruin all of your
Most importantly, have fun with your kids and enjoy the night! The memories you make with
them will be well worth the candy you might indulge in.