Jeff Allen

Jeff has been involved in the CrossFit community since 2008. Prior to finding CrossFit, he ran Cross Country and track in High School among many other sports. In college Jeff searched for a training regimen that was more than running or lifting weights. Jeff’s first CrossFit workout hit him like a truck and he knew he had found what he was searching for. The human body has always been a passion for Jeff and CrossFit helped to open his perspective of overall fitness and performance.

Personally, Jeff has competed in running (road and trail) races at distances up to a marathon since high school. He has a love for running but recently he prefers technical trails and adventure races. Jeff enjoys pushing both his physical and mental limits and CrossFit allows him to do that every day.

A quote from Jeff: “Cannon CrossFit is more than a workout; it is a community driven to help others find wellness and athletic excellence, of which I am proud to be a member”. At Cannon CrossFit, Jeff enjoys helping people overcome the notion of “I can’t” while providing them with the right tools to reach their goals.

Favorite Scientist: Dr. Niel DeGrasse Tyson

Fun Fact: Jeff traveled across the USA on a professional paintball team for 5 years and lead one of the most feared teams in Texas paintball history – Obscene.