1. How and when did you first discover CrossFit?

My first CrossFit class was in 2008 soon after I had my first son. We had always worked out in globo gyms, and had started doing “CrossFit style” workouts (100 reps of something in 10 minutes). Typically those types of gyms don’t like you running around doing that. Boring.

The first time I walked into a CrossFit gym the coach says “Welcome! So glad you guys are here. There are throw up buckets in all 4 corners of the gym if you need them. Let’s get started!” This was before CrossFit started offering beginner classes. I was thinking, this is not for me I’m a mom; moms don’t do this kind of stuff. The next time I went, Lindsey Smith (games athlete and all around bad ass) was there with her daughter in a stroller. At the time I had no idea who she was and I got to work out with her. Afterwards, my husband told me she’s one of the best in the world. She changed my mind. I still picture her before I go for a heavy snatch! http://www.crossfitsky.com/.a/6a010536b3b499970b0153906d15ef970b-pi

2. What do you think sets Cannon apart from other gyms you have attended or workouts you’ve done in the past?

First and most importantly, it’s the coaching. Previously, a lot of my workouts were just “facilitated”, no coaching involved. The Cannon environment is safer and athletes can grow under proper supervision.

Second, it’s the awesome programming. At first the Cannon workouts were deceiving to me. I’d walk in thinking, yikes this is sort of too easy. I was accustomed to 45 minutes, really REALLY heavy death WODs. Sometimes I’d actually cry because I didn’t want to do it! But I started to notice after every Cannon workout I was always exhausted and sore, but never wanted to cry. At past gyms there were several occasions where I walked in, saw the board and thought; ugh this workout is so stupid. I have NEVER thought that at Cannon and look forward to going as much as I possibly can.

Thirdly, it’s Cannon’s focus on educating clients on overall health and injury prevention and the coach’s firsthand knowledge of those subjects. It’s not just about the workout. There’s focus on mobility, diet, quality supplements and exercise.

3. What changes have you seen in yourself (physically and mentally) since joining the gym?

Physically, my range of motion and flexibility has increased. That may sound boring, but I don’t feel that pinchy, stiff, injured feeling I used to be in constantly. Mentally, I’ve learned that I don’t have to a 40 minute workout and be half dead after to see progress. I also don’t cry during workouts anymore, so that’s good.

4. What goal have you achieved in the gym that you are most proud of? What future goals are you more excited about pursuing?

My future goals first and foremost include going to more Cannon social events as soon as I have this baby!! Then, getting back to all my pre-pregnancy weights and body weight movements using all the great form and mobility I’ve acquired.