1. Where are you from?

I am born and raised in this great Bayou City, Houston, Texas. Voted one of the new coolest cities by Forbes magazine a while back. Clutch City lives!

2. Where did you go to school?

Depends on whether you mean my primary of secondary years. Kidding! I went to the greatest university in the world, the University of Texas at Austin, as is usually evidenced by all the burnt orange I wear when I come to Cannon. Hook ‘em Horns! \m/

3. What is your favorite sport?

To play or to watch? I like ALL sports, really. Anything involving a ball! But if I had to pick, I would say to watch is college football as I just think it’s the greatest sport in the world, and to play right now is volleyball as I play in a few intramural leagues.

5. If you had to be trapped in a TV. show for a month, which would it be? Why?

What a clever question! I assume this is like asking me to pick a favorite show in which I wouldn’t mind being, and without hesitation I would say the dearly departed “How I Met your Mother”. I have a feeling future generations will look back at that as a watershed pop culture phenomenon, and so to have been mixed up with that insanity would be a blast! Also, I am pretty sure that Ted Mosby is my TV twin.

6. What do you hate to see when it comes up in workouts?

Umm, nothing, as coming to the work-outs are just the BEST part of my day! I feel like my answer to this has evolved and changed over my time at Cannon, as things I once feared (like jumping rope, burpees, or rope climbs!) don’t scare me anymore. We only hate what we are scared to do, and right now for me that is still handstand push-ups, as I have yet to conquer my fear of trusting my body enough to flip it upside down on a wall. But I’m getting there, little by little, with the help of all the wonderfully super awesome SUPER-FRIENDS and coaches at Cannon. Baby steps!
7. How and when did you discover CrossFit?

Strange as it may be for me to type this, I have an Aggie to thank. I know, the horror! So I had worked with a personal trainer at the gym where I used to go, but he got fired and they shut down a bunch of affiliate gyms, but even before that I had wanted a new challenge as even though I had gotten in shape, my trainer didn’t give me the best guidance when it came to WHY I was doing what I was doing in the gym, or on my diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle outside of the gym. I’d heard all the negative stuff about Crossfit (who hasn’t?), but I wanted an honest opinion from my friends, so I put a post on Facebook about it last July, and 50 responses later my friend and former Cannon coach Logan Free (the Aggie) told me to try out Cannon. I was extremely nervous about it, again knowing all the negative stereotypes, but the owner Jeff Smith encouraged me to try it out for a month, and I was hooked! It was one of the BEST decisions I have ever made in my life, and I have a wealth of new knowledge, friendships, and a healthier mind and body thanks to everyone here at Cannon! It’s my gym home.

8. What changes have you seen in yourself physically and mentally since joining Cannon?

In the words of Jeff Smith, I have turned into a “monster”! Now, he might have been a little generous with that compliment, but with all the things I am able to do now (see the achieved goals in the answer to the next question), that might not be that fantastical. But seriously, through all the very challenging and demanding (yet very safe and INJURY-FREE) work-outs that we have done at Cannon, and through consciously making the decision to live a Paleo lifestyle, I have seen more definition in my shoulders, arms, back, abs, legs, and yes even my butt than I have ever seen in my life before. My core is tighter, and my body is a lean, mean, fighting MACHINE! So I guess Jeff was right. Ladies, watch out! 😉

9. What goal have you achieved in the gym that you are most proud of? What future goals
are you more excited about pursuing?

Haha, I think my first goal was to just survive the first few work-outs, and then the first week, and then the first month without killing myself! When I look back, I think of all the things I never thought I could do that I am close to mastering, or at least constantly improving, each class and each week, and I am amazed! I can back squat my body weight, dead lift 215 pounds, jump rope (couldn’t do that at all when I started), almost power clean to S2OH my body weight, plank for 2 minutes and longer, push a sled with over 250 pounds on it, swing and do goblet squats with a 70 pound KB, and am more mobile and limber than I ever was in my life before, all while still living the Paleo lifestyle in and outside of Cannon. And the future is even brighter, as I hope to keep increasing the weights, while finally mastering double unders, handstand push-ups, rope climbs, snatches, and the ultimate, muscle-ups on the rings! And I have EVERYONE at Cannon to thank for everything, from the owners Jeff and Kirstin to all the Cannon coaches past and present, the wonderful assistants Cassie and Danielle, and all the amazing members! Y’all are my Cannon super-family, and I consider every one of y’all my friends for life!