1. How and when did you first discover CrossFit?

I first discovered Crossfit back in 2012 while living in Baltimore, Maryland.  I would pass a box (Push 511) every day on my way home from work.

I played football in college and by the time I graduated I was so burnt out from the grind of working out all the time that I said heck with it, I’m done.  Then in those 2 years after college, before I found Crossfit, I had let myself go A LOT.  I finally decided that I had to do something about it.  I tried the globo gym scene, but was having a really hard time staying motivated and pushing myself.  Around that time I read an article online about Crossfit and how it draws in so many former college athletes by bringing them back into a competitive environment.  That’s when I decided to give the gym I had driven by so many times a shot.  I was instantly hooked after my on ramp class. The first workout they had us do was the base line workout (500m row, 40 air squats, 30 sit-ups, 20 pushups, 10 pull-ups).  I had never been sore like that from such a short work out and knew right then that I had found my workout regimen.

2. What do you think sets Cannon apart from other gyms you have attended or workouts you have done in the past?

While most gyms have the great “Crossfit Community” feel, I think Cannon takes it to the next level.  The way everyone is so bought in to group success is awesome.  Whether it is pushing someone through healthy competition (1 pounding for days), offering advice/strategy, or simply cheering someone on, everyone is just as interested in the accomplishments of each other as they are in their own successes.

The gym’s commitment to its members is also something that sets it apart.  Always having well-kept, newer equipment is something that can get over looked, but Cannon does an awesome job of keeping everything is great shape.  Cannon is always looking for ways to get better, like adding Wodify so we can all track our progress.  I am confident that Cannon is as invested in us and our fitness as we are.

3. What changes have you seen in yourself (physically and mentally) since joining Cannon?

Physically my strength has gone through the roof.  My ability to consistently hit lifts that are higher than previous maxes is a lot of fun.  I constantly try to push myself to see where I am at physically and thanks to the training and programming at Cannon, I surprise myself on a regular basis.

Mentally I now have this mindset that not finishing something isn’t an option.  I have been doing A LOT of landscaping at my house recently and no matter how hot and humid it is or regardless of how many bags of mulch and dirt I have to lug around, stopping before the job is done never crosses my mind.  It doesn’t matter how tired I am, Cannon Fitness and Performance has given me the mental and physical toughness to sling another bag or two over my shoulder and keep working.

4. What goal have you achieved in the gym that you are most proud of and what future goals are you excited about pursuing?

I always wanted to snatch over 200 lbs and last time we tested I did 215 with ease.  I was even able to get under 225.

Hands down my next goal is to get a 300+ pound OHS.  I’ve come close 2 times and want that really, really bad.  If you would have asked me a year ago if I even expected to be able to put 305 up over my head I would have said no way, but thanks to Cannon giving me the drive and strength to constantly push myself I can know not only put it over my head, but almost overhead squat it also.  Thanks Cannon!