1. How and when did you discover CrossFit?

I heard rumblings of CrossFit over a couple of years, but finally took interest when moving to Houston from Scotland in September 2013.

My colleague is a CrossFit coach and he worked on me for a few months before I finally buckled and tried out Cannon in February 2014…..I’m so pissed it took me so long.

2. What do you think sets Cannon apart from other gyms you have attended or workouts you’ve done in the past?

Literally everything!!!!!

I used to go to a gym full of mirror worshippers with hideous form. I used to kid myself I was working hard, haha…its embarrassing looking back. Every day at Cannon is a humbling experience – and I absolutely love it.

Cannon has a lethal combination of i) Inspirational Coaching ii) Amazing programming – including diet counsel iii) Friendships which come with accountability “where the hell were you yesterday” and perhaps most importantly iv) community spirit from all the great events Cannon hosts over and above the daily grind.

3. What changes have you seen in yourself (physically and mentally) since joining the gym?

My first ever workout was the Fundamentals with Brittany…. I was broken. I had become the ‘yes’ man since moving to Houston – never declining any invite to anything – eating and drinking conveniently and neglecting my body. I managed to hold down the sick feeling once Brittany had put me through my paces….but only just. Saying I’ve lost that feeling would be a lie, but I’m sure that if I did that same workout again it would feel like a warm up – so that’s a good change.

My first ever full class was with my man “Jeffrey”. He was instantly blown away with my lack of ability.
The amount of attention I got when first joining was kind of embarrassing. But funnily enough nobody cared. It was only me that felt stupid. I wasn’t allowed to use the barbell until nailing the kettlebell technique – this honestly took weeks. Now I can do cleans with some degree of dignity so that’s another good change.
Since, joining Cannon I have seen huge improvement in my flexibility, core strength, stamina, and guess what…I can actually see some definition in my body. I’ve also developed the willpower to say no to partying in lieu of a workout the following day…I’m just all round getting healthier and feeling happier.

4. What goal have you achieved in the gym that you are most proud of? What future goals are you more excited about pursuing?

I used to look like a goat at the mercy of a cowboy’s lasso when attempting double-unders. Stringing 23 together the other day was a great feeling, so I am proud of that achievement. I will remember this for a long time – the whip marks on my forearm ensure this.

I also had a freak out when I nailed a struggle up (aka horrible looking muscle up). I’ll be trying to get 5 in the short term.

My immediate future goal is to tackle the jerk. I honestly sympathize with the coaches having to try and figure out a new way to explain the dip-drive-dip… I just can’t compute that.
My longer term goal is to compete with the big boys in the Rx group of the next In-house competition.