1. How and when did you first discover CrossFit?

I remember hearing about something called CrossFit but it was never accurately explained to me.  In January 2014, I attended a Health Expo held at the Redneck Country Club with my kids.  There was a contest to win a free month of CrossFit at Cannon, I put my name in the bowl and was delighted to find out that I was the winner. 

2. What do you think sets Cannon apart from other gyms you have attended or workouts you have done in the past?

The culture of Cannon is different than most places where I’ve been.  There is a very real sense of community or family at Cannon that is hard to harness at many workout facilities.  As a single mom, childcare is a very real struggle for me when I think about working out and knowing that my children are welcome in the building is a huge relief.  Cannon is also different because you quickly get to know the other members as they cheer you on but your coaches are the most supportive I’ve ever encountered.  There is a heavy emphasis placed on form, flexibility and injury free fitness rather than just performing as quickly as you can or as heavy as possible.  I always feel like my (and others’) safety is the first priority.

3. What changes have you seen in yourself (physically and mentally) since joining Cannon?

Since joining and dedicating myself to being consistent at Cannon in April I have lost about 25lbs (around two dress sizes), but more importantly, I’ve become stronger and more powerful.  I can do things that were a complete struggle before, like a full range-of-motion push up.  Mentally, I am more accepting of myself and my struggles.  I understand that my goals are not an event that I’m waiting to occur but rather a process that I’m working toward and every step counts.  

4. What goal have you achieved in the gym that you are most proud of and what future goals are you excited about pursuing?

Being able to do at least one good, full range of motion push up was a victory for me. I’m working on doing pullups, eventually rope climbs and just pushing past my limits to see more gains in strength and fitness.  I want to do this because as I workout around other ordinary people turned athletes who have inspired me, I want to be able to RX my workouts and perform!