The last hoorah of summer is coming, Labor Day weekend, which means hanging out by the pool, eating and drinking with friends and family, and getting an extra day to relax. For those of us with nutrition and fitness goals this weekend can cause a lot of stress but it doesn’t have to. You can enjoy your weekend of fun without sacrificing your goals aka without having to be the crazy tupperware person.

The three big challenges people face on Labor Day are fitness, food, and alcohol .

It can be hard to find time to workout when you are out of town. Luckily most hotels have gyms and you can get a quick workout in; if you really have no equipment you can always search for body weight workouts on the interwebs. Anything is better than nothing, focus on getting some movement in for at least 30 minutes.

Alcohol and food can be a little harder to maneuver but with the right tools you can tackle the weekend with confidence. I want to provide some tips to help you make better choices without missing out on the fun.

Alcohol Tips

Tip #1: Decide what you are going to drink and stick to it: your best choices are wine or champagne, light beer, and clear liquor (vodka/tequila) with soda water.

Tip #2: Decide how many drinks you are going to have BEFORE you have them (1-2 should be enough).

Tip #3: Drink a full glass of water after every drink.

Food Tips

Tip #1: If you are asked to bring a dish prepare something that fits within your eating plan

Tip #2: Scope out what’s cooking and pre-plan what you will want to eat

Tip #3: Don’t stand around snacking. Find a place to hang out away from the snacks table

Tip #4: When food is ready and you are hungry try to fill half of your plate with vegetables, 1⁄4 with a protein, and 1⁄4 with whatever else you would like to have (chips, queso, pasta salad, etc.)

Tip #5: If dessert is offered and you want some, grab a plate, but try to stick with just one plate.

If you end up not using any of the above tips do NOT worry! One weekend will not destroy all of your progress. The memories you make this weekend are so much more important. Have a fun and safe Labor Day!