CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movement performed at high intensity.

CrossFit movements are universal, compound, core to extremity patterns that are found in everyday life, i.e. lifting a heavy object from the floor and lifting to an overhead shelf. They are natural, safe, and efficient ways of moving external objects and they are essential to maintaining a good quality of life. CrossFit training can benefit people in all walks of life: everyone from competitive athletes and fitness junkies to grandparents who want to stay active with small children.

This is a training methodology that seeks to forge a broad, general, and inclusive level of fitness to prepare clients for the unknown and unknowable in life. We train in a gym and we use some objects that are found in a gym, but we do not train for the gym. We train to excel in any situation we are faced with. The specialty of CrossFit is not specializing in any one movement or routine. Through constant variance in programming, the margins of experience are continuously blurred – you are encouraged to push your boundaries and become more comfortable with being uncomfortable. Fixed and predictable routines are the enemy.

At Cannon CrossFit, you are encouraged to track your daily progress in real, measurable terms. Recording times and work loads consistently over time results in evidence-based fitness which allows you to see real progress and improvement, through both changes in your body as well as quantifiable data.

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