CrossFit Builds a Supportive Community | Cannon Fitness and PerformanceLet’s face it. When it comes to where you work out, almost any gym is sufficient. If you walk into a local gym or Rec center, you’ll see people working out, earbuds in, and moving among machines. Maybe they say hello to each other, but isn’t much social interaction.

Some people prefer to work out this way, and that’s great! But if you’re looking for a place where you get motivation and encouragement from the people you work out with, then it may not be your best option.

One of the biggest draws to CrossFit is the people. Yes, you’ll get in a great workout, challenge yourself, and improve your fitness. But no other place can provide the community that CrossFitters create together.

Here are just a few of the ways that CrossFit builds a supportive community:

1. A Shared Goal

Everyone who does CrossFit has their personal fitness and performance goals. But one of the unique things about a CrossFit workout is that everyone does the same WOD. When you walk through the door, you’ll all do the same workout that’s written on the whiteboard. Yes, you’ll have some people who will scale a WOD. And others will do the workout as prescribed. But even with scaling, everyone is still working toward a shared goal – today’s WOD. You show up, you work hard, and you cheer on the person who’s sweating right next to you.

2. All Fitness Levels

If you’re unfamiliar with CrossFit, you might assume that it’s a sport for elite athletes. But this is not the case. Yes, some professional CrossFit athletes compete throughout the year. And you might think that to start CrossFit you have to get in shape before you even step foot in the door. But the majority of people who CrossFit are similar to you – driven to work hard to meet your fitness goals. Most CrossFit classes are full of a variety of ages, genders, and fitness levels. And each individual member contributes something unique to the community.

3. Accountability

In addition to a complete workout with a warm-up, skill work, and cool down, experienced coaches lead every workout. These coaches, along with your workout buddies, offer support, encouragement, and accountability. When you don’t show up for your regular workout, people pay attention. And when you realize that people will notice when you’re not at your typical class, it creates accountability.

Cannon Fitness and Performance is a full-time strength and conditioning facility located near the Galleria area. Whether you’re brand new or an experienced CrossFitter, you’ll find a place where you fit right in.

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