Accountability Partner Can Help You Get Results | Cannon Fitness and PerformanceConsistency can help you successfully achieve your fitness goals. And the more consistent you are, the more likely you are to get results.

So, what can help you be more consistent with your workout routine? An accountability partner. Here are a few ways that having an accountability partner can help you get results:

1. You’ll have more fun.

Finding a workout that you like and enjoy most of the time can help you build a consistent workout routine. But sharing that activity with someone else can turn your workouts into something you love by making it more fun. Having someone you know and trust right there next to you during a tough workout to crack a bad joke or make you smile can make it even a little more enjoyable.

2. You can share and celebrate the wins.

You and your accountability partner don’t need to have the same goals. Just make sure that your partner knows your personal fitness goals and you know theirs. Once you have a good understanding of each other’s goals, take time to celebrate each other’s wins. The first week that you make it to three classes instead of two, you’ll have someone who’s excited for you. When your partner does her first pull-up, you’ll be there to celebrate with her. Each win, no matter how big or small, is much more meaningful when you have someone to share it with.

3. You don’t have to do it all alone.

You will wake up some mornings and not want to go to the gym. Or you’ll think of eleven different excuses why you don’t need to work out today. These are the moments where you remind yourself that you’re not in this alone. And then, text your partner for some support and encouragement. Remember that you’re in this together, and you don’t want to let your partner down or disappoint them if you don’t show up.

So, how do you find an accountability partner?

Find someone who is willing to be a good partner and who wants you to achieve your goals. It could be your partner, a friend, a co-worker, or a family member. But beware of recruiting a buddy who will only enable your bad habits. Instead, choose a partner who shares your level of commitment – someone who will call you out and challenge you when you need to be challenged and vice versa.

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