Avoid Overtraining | Cannon Fitness and PerformanceBuilding a sustainable fitness and performance habit requires balancing your workouts and training with proper recovery and rest. When the work to rest ratio gets out of balance with not enough rest during the week, then your body starts to head toward being overtrained.

But managing this work to recovery ratio means you’ll continue making progress and getting results in the gym. Here are three ways to avoid overtraining:

1. Understand how your body responds to stress.

Understanding how your body responds to stress helps you manage that work to recovery ratio. While not all sources of stress are the same, the way your body responds to stress doesn’t have much variation. Whether you had a tough day at work or a challenging workout at the gym, your body needs time to recover from both types of stress. And if you happen to have had both the stressful day at work and challenging workout on the same day, you might need more recovery time than you would normally. Pay attention to how your body responds to all sources of stress, and do your best to prioritize good recovery.

2. Create and follow a workout routine or training plan.

Another way to avoid overtraining is by following a consistent workout routine or training plan. When your workouts are all over the place with no predictability, not only is it hard to achieve your fitness goals, but it’s also difficult to recover. With a sporadic workout schedule, you’re more likely to overdo it at the gym to “make up for lost workouts.” Rather than trying to compensate for days you’ve missed, be realistic about your current fitness level, and gradually build up from where you are now. You’re more likely to avoid burning out, injuring yourself, and ending up overtrained if you create and follow a consistent training plan.

3. Prioritize recovery and rest days.

The time you spend recovering from your workouts is just as important as your time in the gym. Suppose you’re not getting quality rest in between workouts. In that case, it can send you down a path toward overtraining or even a future injury. Try to prioritize good recovery techniques throughout your day. Stay well hydrated, make nutritious food choices, and go to bed at a time that allows you to get a quality night of sleep.

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