Be More Consistent and Get Results | Cannon Fitness and PerformanceNo matter how much we want them, real, sustainable results don’t usually come quickly. Consistency leads to results, and results will take time. But if you’re focused on getting the work in, day after day, then those results will eventually come.

Here are four ways to be more consistent and ultimately get those results:

1. Set goals.

Setting fitness and performance goals gives you something to work toward. Rather than showing up to work out (instead of train), a goal gives you a sense of purpose. Creating a sense of purpose around the time you spend at the gym encourages consistency. When you’re in the process of setting your personal goals, make sure they are specific and clearly defined. You’re more likely to stay committed to a concrete goal than chase a vague idea of where you hope to be in a few weeks or months.

2. Expect your motivation to fluctuate.

Once you start a new fitness program or begin working toward a goal, motivation and excitement usually come easily. But after a while, that initial excitement will wear off. First, know that this feeling is normal, so you should expect your motivation to fluctuate. On the other hand, if you expect to be excited about every single workout, it will be hard to remain consistent. These expectations aren’t realistic, but having an off day every so often is. Knowing that low motivation days are part of the process can help you bounce back quickly and keep working toward your goals.

3. Recover properly.

Prioritizing good recovery is a big part of consistent training. If you continue to push your body week after week with poor recovery, not only will your body become overtrained, but so will your mind. When you become overtrained, you’re likely to start feeling bored or burned out. And the risk of injuring yourself increases. But by taking rest days when necessary and balancing your training with healthy foods, hydration, and sleep, you’ll recover well in between workouts and keep getting closer to seeing results.

4. Keep track of your progress.

Once you’ve created goals, write them down someplace where you’ll see them often. And then, start keeping track of your progress. A training log or journal can help you stay consistent with your workout routine. It gives you concrete evidence of the progress you’ve made and can help you see how far you’ve come over time.

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