Get to Know More About Functional Fitness Training | Cannon Fitness and PerformanceFunctional fitness training includes exercises that mimic the movements that you do all day long. So rather than sitting down at a machine and working a single muscle group, like your biceps, you’re doing movements that work multiple muscle groups together.

Let’s take a closer look at functional fitness to help you get to know more about and understand this style of training and its benefits:

1. Functional fitness isn’t just a buzzword.

Functional fitness isn’t just a buzzword or a passing workout fad, like the “Shake Weight.” This type of training is a legitimate method that’s here to stay because it produces real results.

2. Functional fitness exercises are like what you do in your everyday life.

Functional movements include things that you do while playing sports, as well as what you do in everyday life. You can recognize functional movements in exercises that involve pulling, pushing, reaching, squatting, and rotating.

3. Functional exercises are for anyone of any age and level of fitness.

Almost any functional movement can be modified to suit your fitness level. These modifications take into account your strength, mobility, and coordination.

4. Functional movements improve your flexibility and coordination.

One of the benefits of functional fitness exercises is their ability to get you moving through a full range of motion. Doing so improves your flexibility and trains your body to move as a unit, which improves coordination.

5. Functional movements reduce your risk of injury.

The more experience you have with functional fitness training, the stronger and more fit you become in your daily life. Instead of risking a back injury while unloading heavy boxes from the trunk of your car, you’ll have the strength and fitness to do this easily.

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