How to Break Out of a Workout Slump | Cannon Fitness and PerformanceDespite a strong commitment to your workout routine, at some point, you might find yourself stuck in a slump. Mentally, you might feel like you’re lacking motivation to get to the gym. Physically, you might feel sluggish and tired. So what gives?

First, know that experiencing these types of ups and downs is a common part of a long-term fitness habit. You’re not alone in feeling this way. And there are some things you can try to break out of a workout slump:

Revisit your goals.

When was the last time you checked in with your fitness or performance goals? If it’s been a while, setting new goals or adjusting to your past goals might be the jumpstart you need to get out of a slump.

Make sure that you’re still excited to work toward your existing goals. If you’re not that interested in the old goals anymore, no rule says you must stick with them. Think about a fitness goal that you’re more excited about and let go of your previous targets.

Check-in on your stress and sleep levels.

Sometimes a slump has more to do with things that are going on outside of the gym. If you’re experiencing an increase in your daily stress, it can affect your workouts both mentally and physically.

If you have a lot going on, do what you can to get proper recovery after your workouts. Try to get quality sleep each night, stay hydrated, and fuel your body with nutritious food choices.

Add variety or try something new.

A consistent workout routine is a great way to see results. But consistency doesn’t mean that you must do the same workouts over and over.

Make sure that you’re getting plenty of variety in your workouts. The variety you get in CrossFit is one of the things that people love about the programming! Looking for ways to vary your workouts, or trying something new are both great ways to get beyond a slump.

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