2 Kinds of Accountability | Cannon Fitness and PerformancePart of being successful at anything is the willingness to be held accountable for your actions as you pursue your goals. Real success is measured by thoughtful steps executed with care and precision. Without accountability, progress in any area of life is either slow or non-existent.

When it comes to making progress at the gym and achieving a higher level of fitness, there are two kinds of accountability.

1. Accountability to others

If you are all about performance and development, you have probably enlisted the help of a coach or mentor. Someone with more experience and knowledge can usually find our weak spots and strengthen them. But most of what they provide is an expectation. Motivation, support, and a desire to see you reach your potential are what a coach provides when the going gets tough. All of this adds up to accountability. Another person’s expectation for you to put forth consistent effort is often the difference between success and falling short. Rising to meet others’ expectations of you teaches you to motivate yourself. Because at the end of the day, only you can do the work. No one else can do it for you.

2. Accountability to yourself

As you get used to being accountable to others, you will find self-motivation to be less difficult. You become accountable to yourself, and personal accountability leads to independence. When you accept responsibility for your actions (or lack thereof), you become your own mentor. A positive inner voice gets louder and says, “you can, and you will.” The mind can be the biggest obstacle and your greatest tool on the path to fitness. Without learning to motivate yourself, you may experience short bursts of feeling great followed by long periods of feeling stagnant and disappointed. As you begin to master personal accountability, you will find that motivation to do the work is as natural as a desire for rest or food. The body and spirit begin to crave a new challenge, and becoming lazy is no longer an option.

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