Lift with Slow and Controlled Movements | Cannon Fitness and PerformanceIn our last post, we talked about why strength training is vital to your health. So once you’ve made strength training a part of your routine, there are some things you can do to get the most out of your workouts.

One of those things is how you lift. At Cannon Fitness and Performance, we focus on slow and controlled movements. This method is preferred over faster movements, like kipping, for a few reasons:

1. Less reliance on momentum.

When you move quickly through a movement, momentum can take over. Rather than your muscles doing most of the work, physics takes all the credit. By moving slowly and staying in control, you force yourself to apply your own strength through an entire movement.

2. Use of your full range of motion.

Another side effect of rapid movement is a shortened range of motion. When you perform an exercise too quickly, you end up shortchanging yourself. But by slowing down, you’re more likely to use your joint’s full range of motion, leading to greater mobility and strength.

3. Improvements in technique.

Not only does moving slowly allow you to use a full range of motion, but it also helps you develop the proper technique. When you move quickly, it’s easy to let a few things slide in regards to how well you move with proper technique. Slower movements can shine a spotlight on improper form while giving you a chance to address your weaknesses.

4. Prevention of and reduced risk for injuries.

Another benefit of moving slowly while strength training is less risk for injury. Yes, there are movements such as the Olympic lifts that are meant to be done quickly and with weight. But the majority of pure strength movements should not include a speed component. Lifting with intention, good technique, and a slower speed can prevent a future injury.

5. More effective strength improvements.

Ultimately, the greatest benefit of lifting slowly and removing momentum is more significant strength improvements. Slow and controlled is more effective at building strength than faster movements where your muscles are just along for the ride.

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