Prepping for Longevity through Fitness | Cannon Fitness and PerformanceHabits like working out, eating well, keeping our brains engaged, and spending time around friends and family can help us live longer and get the most out of our lives. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at how you can approach longevity through your workouts.

Here are a few ways to prep for longevity through fitness:

1. Endurance

Make sure that your fitness routine includes targeted endurance training, such as running, biking, or swimming. One way to look at endurance or aerobic movement is as training for your heart. Your heart is probably the most important muscle in your body. Getting regular aerobic activity can help keep it pumping for a long time.

2. Strength

Another essential component of your workout routine is strength training. Weight-bearing exercises that build strength increase your lean body mass and keep your bones healthy and strong. Functional strength training movements also improve and maintain the quality of your life, making daily activities like picking up something heavy or carrying your groceries up three flights of stairs easier to do.

3. Recovery

An effective workout routine must strike a balance between training and recovery. Proper recovery through rest, sleep, nutrition, and gentle movements is how your body repairs itself between workouts and ensures you’re more than ready for the next time you train. Prioritizing recovery will keep you moving, training, and making progress toward your goals.

4. Mobility

Mobility work is how you keep your muscles and joints moving well. If you experience a limited range of motions due to tightness, pain, or injury, it can limit the activities we’re able to do – both now and in the future. Keeping your joints loose and mobile means you’re more likely to keep moving as you age.

5. Daily Movement

In addition to the workouts you do at the gym, everyday movement also contributes to longevity. If your body spends a lot of time idling or sitting, it can lead to various health problems in the future. Make an effort to get plenty of daily movement by frequently getting up and walking around.

6. Sense of Purpose

Sticking with a fitness routine and working toward specific personal goals gives you a sense of purpose. Feeling like you’re working toward something important contributes to your physical and mental health. You’re more likely to stick with your routine in the long-term when you understand why working out is important to you or the role it plays in your life.

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