Maintain Your Workout Motivation | Cannon Fitness and PerformanceIf you’re in the process of building a long-term fitness habit, you might have noticed something. Some days you’re excited to go to the gym and get in a good workout. But on other days, you’re not (and the couch seems like a much better option).

It’s normal to experience changes in your level of motivation. So what can you do to help increase the number of times you do feel motivated to work out? Here are five tips on how to maintain your workout motivation:

1. Keep Your Goals Visible.

Once you’ve gone through the SMART goal-setting process, don’t forget about your intentions. Write down your fitness goals and post them in a visible spot. Pick a place where you’re likely to see them every day, like a sticky note on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror. Making your goals visible helps keep them in the front of your mind, where you’re more motivated to keep putting in the work to be successful.

2. Get a Membership.

Committing to a workout membership can help provide you with more motivation and accountability. When you have a workout membership to a fitness studio or gym, it becomes more difficult to skip out on workouts that you might’ve done at home or on your own.

3. Work Out with Others.

Working out with other people can also help you maintain your workout motivation. It can be hard to motivate yourself to work hard and push a little more when you’re always by yourself. But by surrounding yourself with other people who have similar goals to yours can be a much-needed boost to your motivation and your workout intensity.

4. Add Variety.

Doing the same workout every time you show up at the gym can cause your motivation to drop. Rather than falling into a workout rut, aim for some variety in your workouts. Look for new classes, new movements, new instructors, and new challenges.

5. Have Fun.

We want you to work hard and get results. But we also recognize that it’s essential to have fun and enjoy your workouts. When you have fun, you’re more likely to create a sustainable workout habit. It may not be fun all the time, but if you find that you’re not enjoying yourself at all, then it might be worth seeking a new workout option.

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