Personal Training Vs. Group Classes: How Do You Decide? | Cannon Fitness and PerformanceIf you’re looking into different workout options, you might find yourself on the fence between a couple of different options. Such as, are you a good fit for personal training? Or would group classes be better?

When it comes to personal training vs. group classes, how do you know what to choose? In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons why personal training is the best option for you.

You’re a good fit for personal training if:

1. You’re intimidated to work out with a group.

If you’re just getting back into a workout routine or you’ve never really worked out regularly, the thought of joining in with a group can be really intimidating. Rather than letting this keep you away from the gym, opt for some one-on-one training.

2. Your schedule is packed, and you have limited time to work out.

You might like the idea of working out with a group, but because of your crazy schedule, you can’t even make it on time. One of the benefits of personal training is the flexibility of scheduling. Find a time that works for you and the coach who you’ll be working with.

3. You’re looking for a new challenge.

If you’ve been sticking to the same routine for several months, then congrats on building that consistency! But at the same time, you might now be looking for new ways to challenge yourself. A personal trainer can tailor your workouts to create a unique challenge specifically for you.

4. You want to work out in a group setting…eventually.

If you like the idea of working out with a group, you might see it as a better option down the road. For now, what you might be looking for is some individual attention. Then, once you have a solid workout foundation, you can look into other options.

5. You need all the accountability you can get.

Some of us need an appointment with a reliable coach to get in a regular workout routine. There is nothing wrong with this! If you know that success comes from holding yourself accountable to a personal training appointment, go with it.

6. You’re coming back from an injury or an extended absence.

If you’re getting back into working out after a long absence that might’ve been due to injury, the focused attention of a personal trainer can make the initial process more comfortable for you. You’ll be able to stick to movements that are not going to lead to an injury relapse, and your training sessions will be focused on what you can do.

7. You’re training for a specific event or competition.

If you have an event or competition on the calendar, then you might need some more personalized training than what you’d find in a group class environment. Sharing your specific goals with your personal trainer and the results you’re hoping to achieve will help them design a personalized training program to prepare you for your event.

8. You’re curious to learn more about the why behind your training and individual workouts.

Some people work with a personal trainer because they’re hungry for information. They want to learn all they can from a reliable source so that they can take that information and use it more independently in the future.

To learn more about what we have to offer at Cannon Fitness and Performance, contact us today. And check out next week’s post where we dive into what makes group fitness classes your best workout option.