SMART Goals - Setting Effective Fitness Goals | Cannon Fitness and PerformanceEstablishing personal fitness goals will make a significant difference in your fitness journey. To see the most progress while maximizing your results, you need to start with setting effective goals.

How do you set effective fitness goals? By using the SMART goal framework:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-Based


An effective fitness goal is specific and clearly defined. A goal like “improve fitness” is admirable, but it’s not specific. Since fitness can mean many different things, define what you mean by “improve fitness.” For example, you can make this goal more specific by reframing it to something like “run a half marathon in two hours or less.”


Once you have a specific goal, the next step of the goal-setting process is to make sure that it’s measurable. Going back to the “improve fitness” example, there is no clear way to measure progress toward this goal. Define your goal so that you can measure your progress, as well as identify when you’ve achieved success.


As you define SMART fitness goals, check-in, and ask if they are realistic. Is your goal achievable? How do you know? Think about your fitness history, as well as your current level of fitness. Then, create goals that will challenge you, but are also within your grasp. If you set a goal that stretches you too far, it can harm your motivation. You won’t be excited about training if the outcome is impossible.


Why are your goals important to you? As part of the goal-setting process, make sure you know the answer to this question. If you’re unsure, it can be hard to stay committed and see a goal through to success. But when a goal is relevant to your lifestyle and vision for the future, you’re more likely to be invested in the process needed to accomplish it.


The final part of the goal-setting process is to create a timeline for your goals. Set a deadline for when you want to meet a particular goal. Once you have your deadline, work backward, and create small, mini-deadlines to keep your progress on track.

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