Stay Focused During Training | Cannon Fitness and PerformanceYou’ve been working out consistently and still aren’t seeing the results you’re looking for. Welcome to the club. From the fittest to the average person, we’re all looking for better results in a shorter amount of time. Good nutrition and rest are critical pieces of the puzzle, but focus throughout your training is a powerful piece of this puzzle that could be ignored.

You can use many different techniques to stay focused during training, but here are four that tend to work for just about everyone.

1. Be intentional.

The gym is a great place to get together with friends who are moving toward a common goal. Because it’s such a casual environment, your time can end up being more social than purposeful. When you enter the gym, say your hello’s, put on your game face, and get straight to the point. Find your spot and begin to bring your thoughts to the task at hand. Create a routine that is intentional but not intimidating so that others can see you are there to put the work in first. And then share plenty of fist bumps later.

2. Experience the action.

Every move you make is a chance to learn about your strengths and limitations. It’s common to get wrapped up in reps and lose the benefit of an exercise. For example, three pull-ups with your mind completely tuned into the muscles you’re using will be much more effective than using swings of momentum to make it to ten. Making a focused effort to experience each action creates efficiency and leads to results.

3. Breathe.

When you want to push yourself, your greatest tool in finding that extra gear is to focus on the breath. This is no easy task when the workout is intense and challenging. Still, with a little practice, you can connect breath to action and use this to carry you through your training.

4. Use your imagination.

Many elite athletes use visualization to prepare for training and competition. Visualization allows you to imagine what the next step looks and feels like. Use your imagination not to daydream but to stay focused and guide your body to the next level.

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