Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone | Cannon Fitness and PerformanceHow do you get more comfortable being outside of your comfort zone? Here are three suggestions on how to make it happen:

1. Try something new.

One way to step outside your comfort zone is to find new ways to use your fitness. Perhaps you’ve always been interested in signing up for a 5K, a half marathon, or an obstacle race. And yet the thought of moving forward with that idea is intimidating. Yes, it would mean taking on a new challenge. But that’s precisely what you might need! Finding new ways to challenge yourself is one way that you continue making progress. The more often you say yes to trying new types of challenges, the more comfortable you’ll get outside of what’s already familiar.

2. Take small steps.

Let’s say you commit to running your first 5K – that was your first step beyond your comfort zone. So now what? Well, not only are you outside of your comfort zone but now you may not know what to do next. And that’s normal! Once you’ve taken that first step outside of your comfort zone, the key is to continue taking small steps toward your goal. You might start with working up to running a mile. And then, two miles. And then 3.1 miles. If you take too big a step, you’ll be able to tell because you’ll be tempted to retreat (and maybe give up on running that 5K). Give yourself a chance to get used to being outside of your comfort zone by taking small steps.

3. Quiet your critical inner voice.

When you’re thinking about challenging yourself, have you ever paid attention to what the voice inside your head is saying? Maybe it’s encouraging and supportive. Or perhaps it sounds more critical. Why would you sign up for a 5K? You’re not a runner, so what were you thinking? Before you’ve even laced up your running shoes, you’ve already talked yourself out of taking that first step. Your critical voice will probably always be there. And the further you get from your comfort zone, the louder it becomes. But rather than believing your inner voice, hear what it has to say and then challenge it. Yes, it’s true. You’ve never run a 5K, a half marathon, or an obstacle race. But that doesn’t mean it’s off-limits or out of your league forever. You may not feel like much of a runner now, but that can always change in the future.

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